Welcome to The Gaming Observer!

My name is Adrian and I’m the creator of this little shindig.

The Gaming Observer is most well known as an Alexa “Flash Briefing,” which is basically a 5-minute podcast about video games. The show ended up being very popular, with a few thousand people tuning in to hear a rundown on the day’s news.

“Why a newsletter?”

Unfortunately, Flash Briefings only have so much functionality. While TGO is also available on podcast feeds, I’ve always felt like there was room for bringing more value to my listeners.

That being said, this newsletter should function extremely well even if you aren’t an existing listener of the podcast.

Every weekday I will send:

  • Quick links to all the most important news items from that day.

  • A written explanation of those stories, with relevant images. (This will be an edited version of the podcast transcript)

  • An audio track that plays the latest podcast, in case you’d prefer to listen to the stories rather than read them. (This will also include the TGO After-Show, an un-scripted commentary on the day’s news, which sometimes acts as an audio blog)

  • Listener-submitted comments and questions may be featured, with my response.

In the future I would love to develop this into something more, but this will be the basic functionality while things kick off.

“I’m already a listener of TGO, why should I subscribe?”

Have you ever forgotten to activate your Alexa routine in the morning and missed my show? Maybe you heard a story you wanted to follow up on, but forgot to check the website for a link? Sometimes you just don’t have the time to listen to a full podcast.

This will put everything you need right in your inbox. It will also give you:

  • The option to directly interact with me, by replying to the email

  • Extra news stories that didn’t make it to the show, if applicable

  • Exclusive TGO content that isn’t available anywhere else

Thanks so much!

I am incredibly grateful for everything that has happened with TGO over the last two years. Whether you’re listening to the podcast, reading this newsletter, or just hanging out in our Discord server, I appreciate you!