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Greetings! Hope you had a refreshing weekend.

I’ve been spending a lot of my free time either reading or playing Marvel’s Spider-Man. I haven’t even spent all that much time in the main story yet, I’ve just been enjoying swinging around the city doing the various side quests. I get lots of nostalgia from playing it as well — I spent hundreds of hours in Spider-Man 2 on the Xbox as a kid.


— Adrian

📰 In The News

1. Hitman on GOG

Late last week, introduced Hitman — Game of the Year Edition to their storefront. Despite being a critically acclaimed title, players have been review-bombing the game (it currently has a 1.4/5 on the platform) for having content locked behind DRM.

Why it matters: GOG’s main selling point as a digital storefront is that they sell games without DRM — a system common in modern games which require users to be online while they play. Developers use it most often to prevent piracy, and it’s a standard implementation for any other storefront (Steam, Epic Games, etc.). Without DRM, all you need is the executable on your computer and you can play it entirely disconnected from the internet.

Diving deeper: Technically, you can play through the main story of Hitman without any DRM needed. However, the latest Hitman trilogy is meant to be played as an open-world sandbox that can be re-visited dozens of times. For the GOG release, progression and unlocks require access to the internet — effectively neutering anybody who wants to play the game offline.

This type of release feels uncharacteristic of GOG, and they have already committed to formulating some kind of response in the next few weeks. They also encouraged refunds to anybody upset with their purchase.

💭Adrian’s Thoughts: The last three Hitman games are some of the best I’ve ever played. If you have a stable internet connection, I highly recommend checking them out!

2. Life is Strange: Remastered re-arriving

The remasters for the first Life is Strange and its prequel Before the Storm are going to be releasing on all major platforms on February 1, 2022.

Previously scheduled to release with the latest entry Life Is Strange: True Colors on September 9, it got delayed to relieve pressure on the development team.

💭Adrian’s Thoughts: If you haven’t already, you should absolutely check out this series. The remastered collection is a great opportunity to jump in to what many people considered one of the best adventure games of all time.

3. Fall Guys gets a world record

Fall Guys developers Mediatonic announced on Twitter that the game will be receiving a Guinness World Record for being the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time:

Between the lines: The Guinness Worlds Records aren’t particularly relevant in 2021, and have a number of issues surrounding the company, but it still marks an important achievement for the game. PlayStation boasts over 45 million subscribers to its PS Plus service, and a non-AAA game taking the top spot is a big deal.

Why did it happen? The game had a huge marketing push before releasing, and picked up a lot of attention for being an easy-to-understand competitive party game. Its affable player characters and over-exaggerated obstacles complimented the already popular battle royale genre. The fact that it was freely given away on the day of its release pushed it over the edge of many other popular games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, which millions of people had already purchased.

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